Skilling Up Virtually in 2022 and Beyond

Improve sales and sales leadership competencies, refine your approaches to prospecting and negotiation and learn to use LinkedIn better than any banker in your marketplace. Do it all from the comfort of your office, your home office – anywhere through our public workshop series.

This 2022 learning approach allows you to experience practical tools and ideas on a virtual platform. Modules are delivered in short bursts over multiple weeks. Post session assignments bring the learning to life, keeping learners engaged and hold sales leaders accountable to lead behavioral coaching sessions.

Sessions are led by senior SM&H Consultants – the same ones that have been delivering best of breed classroom training for more than two decades. Tuition includes Learner Guides and Field Books containing additional tools and value adds. This approach is part of our next normal, the virtual and flexible way to gain conversation excellence.

Quarterly Open Enrollment Seminars

Join bankers from around the country to experience the latest ideas in new client acquisition, making effective virtual and face to face calls, unique social selling strategies, win-win negotiating plus a modern approach to Performance Leadership. Here’s an overview of content, dates and logistics.

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