Case Study #1

$3.5billion Northeast Bank
Total Bank Initiative
11 Year Partnership

It was 2006 when a $3.6billion organization began its search for a performance partner.

“We reviewed the opportunities and challenges facing the bank on a go-forward basis and we recognized a unique opening in the market,” indicated the Chief Banking Officer. “We conducted an objective SWAT analysis and realized we had no true business development or sales conversation focus. One of the key imperatives of our study was to institute a model of relationship management that was consistent throughout the organization. We thought about creating an RFP but we heard St. Meyer & Hubbard could deliver so we reached out to them first. The RFP was never sent.”

Working in tandem with every department in the bank from the C-Suite, HR, Training, Marketing, IT and all key client facing divisions, we created IMPACT. IMPACT has become the bank’s sales and client experience process. Several hundred on and off stage associates have experienced this system. We continue to refine the approach annually, add training modules to the equation and the bank is now leader certified in many IMPACT components.

One thing has never changed; SM&H coaches are in the field and on the telephone regularly, making certain IMPACT tools are burned into the environment and not sitting on the shelf. We hold White Board sessions with executive management regularly – dedicated professionals who sit shoulder to shoulder with their people in each of the workshops. They are committed to success and the results bear that out. “IMPACT has had a material effect and has been a catalyst in the transition of the organization from being reactive to proactive. It has increased collaboration throughout the bank. We have embedded this sales architecture throughout the organization into daily routines and practices,” said the CBO.

“The return on investment that we have been able to calculate is more than five times what we have spent over the past 11 years. The continuity of the relationship with SM&H has been a critical component. SM&H is more than part of our team, they are part of our family; they know our organization and our people intimately. This provides a level of comfort and trust that is unprecedented in my work with outside resources. Our executives see the changes that SM&H has made every day, and that is why we will continue to work with them.”

Taking you where you want to go starts with a conversation…

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Dana Perkins
Executive Vice-President – Sales and Consulting



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