Remote Relationship Development

The forever normal has arrived in bank to business sales. Skilled bankers that have the tools to compete create more opportunities and earn more business. For thousands of bankers, that tool is Remote Relationship Development.

Mastering Virtual Technology

Desire is the key.

Virtual Sales and Leadership Conversations

Blended Environment Conversations are here to stay. Some meetings will happen in business offices. Others will remain virtual. The skills to make BEC successful at your organization are embedded in Remote Relationship Development.

RRD is the only video-based system targeted to financial services. From sending unique meeting invitations, to executing the conversation and leading the way, every minute of this nearly six-hour program is built for the way you sell – today and every day.

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This eight-part just in time video series targets:

  • Technical considerations – seamlessly blending software into effective virtual meetings
  • Conversation considerations – building trust, asking effective questions and following up with value
  • Partner considerations – being effective when a dialogue becomes a trialogue
  • Leadership considerations – helping bankers improve performance through remote group and individual coaching
  • Best Practices – Bob St. Meyer and Jack Hubbard wrap up each Session with practical ideas you can execute immediately from their six decades of financial services selling

Sessions are divided into more than 70 Chapters. These short learning bursts allow subscribers to experience the program based on their specific needs and their busy schedule. Use Remote Relationship Development for one full year on your desktop, laptop or any mobile device. It’s the easy, practical, flexible way to achieve virtual selling excellence.

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Additional Tools and Resources include:

  • An RRD overview Launch Video
  • An 85-Page Resource Guide
  • Behavioral Conversation and Coaching Guides
  • Skill Builder Questions for Sales Leaders
  • Optional Best Practices Webinars
  • Private RRD LinkedIn Group for best practice sharing

Remote Relationship Development is the anytime, anywhere how to approach to learn how to have best of breed conversations with prospects, clients and referral sources in your marketplace.

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Additional Relationship Development Videos

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