Case Study #2

Regional Bank, 250 locations
Small Business Branch Initiative
Launched July 2017

With 28 million small businesses in America, this segment represents a solid growth opportunity for banks everywhere. Unfortunately, most have not cracked the code on how to execute an effective and profitable strategy. This bank has begun, with our help. We have crafted an initial boot camp approach that will continue with an ongoing curriculum of targeted Playbooks to create sustainable skills enhancement.

After the bank chunked its branches into four equal tiers, St. Meyer & Hubbard developed a six-step process over a period of 45 days:

Day One – Building Lifetime Partnerships This overview targets the 5Cs of trust-based selling. Topics such as communication styles, net-sharing, using LinkedIn as a Value Tool and building trust and value are presented in an interactive format. In tandem with SM&H, the bank engages partners in Treasury Management, SBA, Marketing, Wealth Management and Underwriting to discuss how each can help small businesses and how branch manager colleagues can win these new opportunities.

Day Two – Discovery Calls Playbook Prior to boot camp, branch managers secure appointments with two current clients. Associates learn how to prepare, execute and follow up on calls using their own case studies to enhance knowledge transfer. Using paperless planners, insight-based question guides and a unique follow up tool, bankers understand practical ways to make early cycle bank to business calls. Their confidence level increases using real plays versus role plays.

Day Three – Coaching Clinic for Market Leaders and sales managers. This session focuses on observation of the process from preparation to follow up as well as how to effectively make, debrief and coach on and after joint calls.

Day Four – Joint Calls on Clients are made by the branch managers with sales leaders and five SM&H coaches. 120 calls were made on current clients after the initial session and more than 250 opportunities (not products) were uncovered.

Day Five – Webinar Debrief This one hour program brings sales leaders back to the table to review calls made the previous day, discuss successes and challenges and to review Action Plans for colleague improvement.

Reconnect Webinar – 45 Days Post-Boot Camp SM&H facilitators bring their classes back together for a one hour Webinar. Successes and challenges are discussed. Discovery Call skills and tools are reviewed. Personal Action Plans for improvement are begun with an accountability to review them with their manager. This learning to life approach shines a light on the importance of the training and sets the table for sustainable results.

Three months after Phase One the bank reported record number of loan applications taken from the initial participants. Phase Two has just occurred and two additional Boot Camp phases are scheduled for 2018. An additional curriculum for branch managers is being implemented as well with a deep dive likely into prospecting, using LinkedIn effectively and several other SM&H Playbooks.

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