Case Study #3

$1billion Northwest Bank
Total Bank Initiative
Three Year Partnership

In 2008 this organization employed an outside resource to create an overall service mentality. Looking for a next level of associate engagement and client centricity, the bank initiated a partnership with SM&H in 2015. Goals of the all bank initiative included:

  • Instill a deliberate approach to client conversations
  • Create a consistent bank wide sales process
  • Cause bankers to ask better and more insightful questions
  • Create a clarity of purpose within the staff and provide practical tools that aligned with its desired Performance Culture ecosystem
  • Obtain clear and measureable results

St. Meyer & Hubbard collaborated with the bank to instill several basic blocking and tackling skills in retail banking, business banking, mortgage and the contact center. SM&H began the process with its two-day Sales Management Playbook.

The result? The bank exceeded its plan by more than 150% in each of five selected KPIs in 2015 and 2016. In 2017, the CEO doubled the training budget and we continue to provide targeted modules, learning labs and coaching into this highly energized environment.

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Dana Perkins
Executive Vice-President – Sales and Consulting



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