Case Study #4

$120billion Bank, 833 Locations, 12 States
Business Banking and Commercial Initiative
Eight Year Partnership

Key executives at this organization were part of the team that became St. Meyer & Hubbard’s first client at another organization. SM&H has helped to launch highly successful initiatives in the Business Banking and Commercial Banking spaces. This has involved consulting, development, training and coaching of more than 1500 bankers. Eight lines of business have participated in the process– each with its own tools, training and implementation approach. There is a single sales process that holds it all together, however, and the results have been record shattering.

“The biggest difference with SM&H was that we believed training was just one component of the process. You must reinforce the training with sales management routines after classes. We talked to five other companies for the implementation, but none of them could provide anything beyond training,” suggested the Head of Commercial Banking. “At the end of the day, we understood that to be successful and to have a consistent sales management culture imbedded into the organization, it had to be reinforced. No one else provided that besides SM&H.”

“This partnership has far exceeded our expectations,” he continued. “Our pipeline increased immediately and has stayed strong. Our pull-through with cross solving has improved too. In the first year, our referrals to Treasury Management increased by over 500%. Our bank has outperformed its peer group in loan commitments by a wide margin, and a lot of that has to do with the focus on conversations, engagement and understanding how to earn a relationship through trust and value, not how to memorize a script or use manipulative closing techniques.”

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Dana Perkins
Executive Vice-President – Sales and Consulting



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