New Client Onboarding

Turning clients to lifetime advocates is a direct result of how they are initially welcomed. New Client Onboarding focuses on maximizing proactive touches with new clients in the days, weeks and months following that first loan closing or the initial business account opening. In this unique and differentiating 3(1)631 onboarding process, Relationship Managers, Board Members (optional), Sales Managers, Relationship Assistants, Branch Managers and Executive Management collaborate to ensure an optimal client experience and to lay the groundwork for long-term relationship development.


  • Sales Managers, Relationship Managers, Relationship Assistants, Treasury Specialists, Branch Managers, and others on the banking team charged with onboarding responsibilities

Time Frame:

  • One-day classroom module (first 6 hours attended by the entire business banking team involved in onboarding, followed by a 90-minute session for Sales Managers on coaching the onboarding process)
  • Separate Job Aid available for Board Members participating in the process


  • None

Tools and Job Aids:

  • Pre-Call Research Job Aid
  • Onboarding Relationship Call Observation Guide
  • Onboarding Relationship Call Plan
  • Sample Anniversary Letter
  • Client Relationship Plan
  • Bank Director Business Client Onboarding Job Aid
  • New Client Onboarding Diagnostic
  • New Client Onboarding Job Aid
  • New Client Onboarding Coaching Job Aid

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