Presentation Calls

Significant time and effort is invested identifying needs and pursuing sales opportunities. Too often, however, when bankers earn the right to present solutions, they commoditize themselves resulting in give-backs, reduced margins and lowered win rates. Lack of both strategies and skills in the area of presentations are key culprits. Whether it’s one-on-one or one-on-many, Presentation Calls arms bankers with the knowledge and skills to engage their audience and to earn the business.


  • Senior Executives, Regional or District Sales Managers, Relationship Managers, Business Development Officers, Wealth and Investment Consultants, Branch Managers, and others that make bank to business calls

Time Frame:

  • One-day classroom module


  • Discovery Calls Playbook, scheduled approximately 60 days prior to this session

Tools and Job Aids:

  • Presentation Call Diagnostic
  • Presentation Call Observation Guide
  • Objectives and Criteria Analysis (to help buyers evaluate potential options in your favor)
  • Presentation Call Handout Template
  • Presentation Calls Job Aid
  • Presentation Calls Coaching Job Aid

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