Performance Coaching

Sales coaching should be a core value and vital competency in every bank. Sadly, it is not. Many bankers see working on deals with associates as coaching. Some only interact formally at performance review time. We’re not alone. In a recent study of more than 200 companies representing 500,000 employees conducted by the Forum corporation, lagging firms suggested managers were too busy to coach, they didn’t know how, weren’t expected to or held accountable by their boss to seize on this important time with associates.

St. Meyer & Hubbard was founded in 2000 based on a singular principle; training alone won’t work and it’s after training where traction occurs. Back on the job is where the cultural flywheel begins to move. We’ve worked with more than 1500 sales managers – from CEOs and Regional and District Managers to Team Leaders and Branch Managers. We bridge the coaching gap through regular mentoring of the key leverage points throughout various sales divisions. This helps make training sticky and generates solid results.

We Maximize Your ROI

CEOs continually ask us about the lift they can expect from sales training. Our clients see a 30-150% improvement over time and they recognize our Performance Coaching is the key difference maker. Banks that partner with SM&H experience higher win rates, greater cultural alignment, reduced turnover and greater goal attainment by individual producers.  We help clients accomplish these objectives through a Field, Phone, Phone process.

Taking you where you want to go starts with a conversation…

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Dana Perkins
Executive Vice-President – Sales and Consulting



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