Business Finance Basics

To become more entrepreneurial, bankers need to think like entrepreneurs. Business Finance Basics puts the branch manager and small business banker in the role of a manufacturing company owner for a day – creating greater knowledge of how a business runs, makes money and thrives in today’s ever-changing economy.


  • Branch Managers, Small Business Bankers, and others that make bank to business calls

Time Frame:

  • One-day classroom module


  • None

Tools and Job Aids:

  • Building Finance Basics Participant Manual
  • Insight-based Question Resource Guide

Using a unique game board and play money, bankers experience a series of simulations that take them through two or three-year business cycles of a local manufacturing firm. In teams, they learn firsthand how to monitor cash flow and other tools to maximize profits and productivity.




Business Finance Basics is marketed and sold by St. Meyer & Hubbard through a partnership agreement with Celemi

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