Money Management Conversations

Studies show that fear is the top reason bankers don’t ask better and more in-depth questions. One reason for that fear is lack of knowledge of how a business runs and makes money. Money Management Conversations is designed to help Branch Managers and small business associates increase their knowledge of what the entrepreneur faces every day and to improve their ability to discuss cash flow and related money management issues.


  • Branch Managers and others needing basic skills in understanding money management

Time Frame:

  • One-day classroom module


  • None

Tools and Job Aids:

  • Business Operating Cycle and Key Financial Ratios
  • Small Business Discovery Call Plan
  • Small Business Discovery Call Observation Guide
  • Presentation Call Plan
  • Presentation Call Observation Guide
  • Managing Money Conversations Questions Resource Guide
  • Managing Money Conversations Coaching Job Aid

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Dana Perkins
Executive Vice-President – Sales and Consulting



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